V9 Design

Introducing the V9 International One Metre RC Yacht designed by Ian Vickers and now in production from Vickers RC Sailing.

The V9 explores ideas to improve performance, styling and building of the successful V8 design launched in 2011. Changes made to tweak the upper wind range performance while maintaining the slippery light air feel for the all round performer that can win regattas at any venue.
Hull shape still features a chine 3/4 length of the hull, but has increased tumblehome and a wider stern than the V8. The mast and keel are further aft, and the electrics are still below deck but more easily installed. Simple and lightweight solutions are the philosophy to detailing the yacht.

The V9 features

  • High quality laminating epoxy resin and 2 pot paint system. Bantock Hardware
  • Ready to instal RMG 280 winch and standard size servo
  • Bantock eyes for jib swivel attachment
  • Bantock adjustable mast ram
  • Mast step inside trunk recess
  • Adjustable main sheet post
  • Easily removable plastic hatch lid with no pot
  • V9 Set up and tune guide

The V9 is available as a complete boat, ready for electrics and rigs. Choose from 5 colour options: