V8 Design

The V8 has been superseded by the V9 and is no longer in production.

The V8 is an International One Metre Radio Controlled Yacht, designed by Ian Vickers in late 2011. Since boat 1 hit the water, the design has since been optimised and made available to the IOM community.

From the Designer

The V8 hull form is narrow, with a 3/4 length chine and tumblehome from stem to stern. This follows the break through design philosophy that some of the English sailors had developed for the 2011 World Championships in West Kirby, England. The V8 chine however, is quite soft. It begins low down forward and rises in the stern to try and get bite from the most effective part or the hull. Volume has been pumped into the bow which breaks the water abruptly and allows the boat to foot fast in fresh breeze, particularly downwind. The rounded sections forward help the boat to track nicely by not ‘grabbing an edge’ when heeled. It also has less resistance when tacking.

The center of buoyancy, keel fin and mast have been moved well forward from the more traditional position, to help with feel upwind in the light air particularly.

Probably the most notable sailing characteristic of the V8 compared to my earlier designs has proved to be the balance and tracking of the boat throughout the wind range. The difference is dramatic, and very forgiving to sail. As Paul Goddard said after his 2nd place at the New Zealand IOM Nationals “its more like sailing a Marblehead.” and less time physically sailing the boat with such intensity, means more time to sail a better tactical race. Its a yacht you really look forward to sailing.

Simplicity and Minimalistic solutions has been the philosophy to detailing the boat. Trying for lightweight and functional solutions.

The basic design features are
-Flat aft deck with well to accommodate the vang.
-Winch and servo below deck and located aft of keel, for desired CG placement.
-Battery velcros to the hull surface, aft of the keel. (No pot).
-Quick release plastic hatch for access inside to battery and electrics.
-Keel stepped mast inside a trunking system.
-Adjustable mast ram
-Telescopic mainsheet post
-Comprehensive internal main frame tying keel, deck and chainplates.
-Laminated from good quality epoxy laminating resin.

The V8 is available as a complete boat, ready for electrics and rigs.
The servo tray is cut for a regular servo and an RMG winch. Changes can be be negotiated with the builder.
Boat colour to to be negotiated with builder.

1st Murray Roundtree Regatta, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand 2011

2nd New Zealand IOM Nationals, Paul Goddard March 2012 .

1st USA Famous Potatoes Regatta, Idaho, April 2012

1st USA Region 6 Event, Marin, 2012

1st USA Nationals 2013

3rd French Nationals 2013

1st USA Region 6 Event, Foster City, 2013

1st, 2nd, 3rd New Zealand Northland Champs, Kerikeri 2013